Arrow keys to move and jump, X to shoot, Spacebar to enter door

GAMEPAD: (referring to PS controller)

X to jump, R1 to shoot, O to enter door



Baby Bjorn is a 2D platform game in retro 16bit pixel style. Help Baby Bjorn to find his dog Bruno! He always goes too fast when he's out for a walk and today even more 'cause guess what, Dad Claudio is not around to chase after him, so Little Baby Bjorn have to do the work from himself try to find the way to the cave entrance that brings you in the back layer and once there, reach Bruno for the next level, also, try to collect more items you can to make the best score and to keep BB healthy. Through the way you will find special items that gives you special powers as the baby bazooka bottle or the little broccoli to make BB fart and able to double jump, but remember... be aware of evil creatures of the hills, try to avoid them or smash them by jumping on their head to get more points. Ready? GO!

Baby Bjorn is a personal under developing project, for now there are only 4 Levels i hope i will make more soon, or up to anybody who wants to help, thank you!


Lorenzo Cimini - Baby Bjorn

Bruno the doggo -  Bruno, also known with the name of Balù.


Valentina Recchi - Art Director

Claudio Cimini - Developer

Simone Grosso - Beta Tester

Andrea Sbrascini - Beta Tester

Bob Marley - Music Theme


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BABY BJORN - Android App 7 MB
BABY BJORN_win64 80 MB
BABY BJORN_win32 76 MB
BABY BJORN_osx64 114 MB
BABY BJORN_linux 192 MB

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after my comment on 08.11.2020 I did not play the game - but played it today.

Maybe you could make a small update - just that one may test the game and help to get it in shape - and I don't mean the graphics - this part is clearly the strong side of the game and it is perfect for a retro game.

Maybe you could create a "quit" option to the main page easily - and maybe also giving a version number here.

Concerning Linux I would include a start script "" - and as since 15 years the PC is 64 bit and Linux distributions in most cases no longer provide 32 bit install images, one could just start it using the 64 bit binary - so an easy script "" like:


# for Baby Bjorn

# see:

cd linux64


cd -


will do the job - and setting executable flags to this script and binary:

chmod guo+x linux64/nw

under GNU/Linux make it work out of the box.

Would also love to see that XBox-compatible controllers like the Logitech Gamepad F310 will work, as this would fit perfectly to your game.

If you need testing concerning Linux I would be happy to help.

Best wishes - and keep up your good work!


you're right JMB!! i need to make updates to this game but i still cant get back to this project at the moment...but i will for sure one day...soon... this is my first project and now im trying to make new games and improve my skills... i will let you know for testing on Linux for sure when i get back on this, or for others ...thank you for all your points will be very helpful! ciaooo!!!

I love the "cute" design ! The fruits and the bugs et.c. are very appealing...
And the idea of switching between foreground and background is very original ! Perhaps you could improve it somehow.
Well done ! Bravissimo :)


tnks!! i will improve it, got stuff to fix, need more levels and final bosses!!

I just tested your game under Linux and it's really funny with with cute graphics.  It is just in its infancy but shows potential for a nice funny platformer - but just a few remarks:

- Is linux64/nw for current Linux the right binary?
  Would have expected "bb" for the binary (Baby Bjorn :).
  But just want to know if I may miss something when starting this way.
- I could not find a way to exit the game (well, switching to another terminal, looking for the game process and killing the PID).
Would be "Quit" (or a symbol) to the top left (top right is sound on/off) on start screen possible?
Maybe pressing Escape may bring one to a menu to load|safe/configure/exit
 (when the game may get those capabilities in the future)?
- My Gamepad (Logitech F310) does not work.
- For a retro game the resolution is OK.
  But playing under 4k a higher resolution would be nice
  (especially when we will see about end of 2021 8k screens ...
   long overdue after my opinion).
But of cause this last point is minor ... I try to get it in priority for most gamers ...
at least I tried ... ;)

Best wishes - and keep up the good work!

Great advices! it's all very well detailed, i'll work on it, i appreciate tnku!

Not a fan dude. Please consider doing another project.

Thanks! Just learning... 

A fun little game.



omg!! thank you soo much!! ❤🙌 

Fantastico gioco mi piace un sacco. Volevo dove hai preso gli assets che hai usato nel videogiochi mi piacciono un sacco.

Ciao mille Grazie! Gli assets gli ho presi principalmente dal link del corso platform di Samuele su Udemy, le altre qua e la nel web poi alcune animazioni le ho create dal singolo frame e alcune sprite sono editate per poter mantenere lo stile o per ottenere l'azione voluta. un saluto! 


Grazie Samuele! Senza i tuoi corsi non ce l'avrei mai fatta.

Good game, enjoying the first few levels. Can you include a key layout or an in-game explainer like the "a/space" suggestion when approaching an entrance? Took me a little longer than I would care to admit on figuring out the fire key (it's X). I'm currently stuck on lvl 4, I'm guessing there is a fart key I have yet to discover.

Thanks a lot, yes maybe i need to put a little tutorial in the beginning to explain this, you're right! watch for level 4 walktrough:

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Retro game veramente fatto bene e divertente!

Grazie! spero di migliorarlo e completarlo un giorno!

Un piccolo gioiello complimenti! 

Ma dai!! grazie davvero!