This is a tribute to Doom, probably the greatest game in the world!

Smashed into a 2D version as an arcade game for smartphones or not, fast and easy to play,

with different kind of weapons, iconic enemies, high score and skulls collectable to power up,

basically a top down shooter to play with only one finger... Just choose the right one!

The game is still under development, any suggestion is welcome!


Claudio Cimini - Developer

Andrea Sbrascini - Beta Tester

Assets, sprites and music from Doom I,II (ID SOFTWARE and BETHESDA)

ripped by: Hax4Ever, DolphMan, Dunkelschwamm, Nai255, GamingGargoyle

To install the game on iPhone - iOS:

Open the following link in Safari / Click share button / Add to home 



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Development log


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I've lost my progress in the game! How can i recover it?


I'm afraid you can't, the storage is saved in the cache of the browser you have used. If you have android, you can install the .apk so it will not be played by the browser.  


could you make a download to pc bc i hate not being full screen

on 16:9 full screen you will have the top and bottom cutted, this game was meant to be for mobile in portrait mode, but its also responsive... however you can try it, now there is a full screen botton.

while playing my screen turns mostly red but still playable it was just annoying can you tell me what it was

Thanks for reporting this bug, but I have no idea what it could be....kinda cool though ... probably is just the evilness of doom taking control of your device😆Have you tried with others device or browser?

no, I've just been using the itch.io version I've only gotten it three times i just reload the page and it goes away

this is way to addicting



One Finger H-Doom when?


😂 I didn't know about that version, so fun! At first I thought was the HD version of it, but no, it's a lot better one, and it would be great in one finger version, I'll keep in mind, thank you!

More like One Handed amirite? 😆



Love this concept. Got a suggestion: could you make it so the background moves so it looks like you're walking around (on rails) shooting at the enemies? The static background is a little boring...

Keep up the great work!

True, that could be cool actually, to try to remake a top view level map moving and turning around.... nice... i used to try different backgrounds but i decided at the end to keep the background more neutral so the player dont get too much distractions to avoid enemies, this is an older version with different background:


thank you!

how in the hell did i beat the baron 

i killed 4 barons now

wo, you are a master now, thank you for playing it bro!

your welcome!!

i think im going crazy. i somehow got 2285 score hd

that's high! 🙌

now its 5095 fgwdgqwh

wow that's a record!... I should make a leaderboard for this game some day

add more entitys or something
List of entitys i want added :
1. Revenant
2. Baron
3. Pinky
4. Spider mastermind

yes, that would be great, i need to put my hands back on it someday, thank you!

(1 edit)

i was so close to beating the baron heuhwiuhdiwqhdgqwdqwd. i have skill issue

another idea : maybe add a health meter? its okay if you dont add this

The baron is hard to reach, well done!...thanks for advice.

please add a shop where you can upgrade the tank or gun


Hi, you can use the skulls to power up in the main menu already, but yes I need to improve that to make it more understandable. thank you!

Really good game. It's great for when you are just generally bored and you need to take just a little bit of time off your hands.

True, I still play it  this way too, tnks! 🙌

Huh. So funny :) 


i lost my progress how do i fix it

oh shit bro im sorry....you might have cleaned the chaches of the browser or using a different one or other device... if you dont want to be sure to not lose data you might have to download the apk, or, if on ios, open in safari and then add to home, thanks man!

i play in PC

as a doom fan i would say this is perfect also i have 1877 top score

yay bro! That’s high!! Tnku so much🙌

As an avid doom fan I can't express how good this is, the presentation is amazing, everything looks so smooth and works so nicely and the gameplay although a little tedious is a unique variation on the usual mobile friendly type games that is helped on by its neat charm. Fantastic work, definitely gonna keep an eye on your future projects  


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Ma quindi il gioco e' fattp da italiani! Comunque e' bellissimoo

Grazie!! Si sì realizzato da me 🙌🙏

rip and tear

that's the right mood!🙌

Fantastico e super divertente!!!

WOW, ma come hai fatto a fare il link iOS??

ma grazie! Semplicemente esportando in html5 comprimi la cartella in un file .zip e lo carichi su questo sito: https://app.netlify.com/drop






Ciao bellissimo gioco volevo chiedere se mi puoi contattare su discord: EpicMario71#3514

ok, almeno capisco cos'è...


Thanks Samuele! without your courses it wont be possible