One Night in Tokyo is a free advergame that you can play on any device, made for the release of the album "Dark Connection" by BEAST IN BLACK.

Inspired and by one of the most epic beat 'em up game of all times, Easy guess...

Join Beast In Black on the streets of Tokyo to help them fight their way through the futuristic dreamscapes of the mesmerizing city! Kill all enemies and try to collect all Items to reach the final boss in a good shape,  then... Beat it to complete the Level.

While going trough the stage you can collect the diamond item, once the bar is full you will be able to transform into a Beast.

”What could be better than spending one night in Tokyo? That’s right, nothing. If this hyper uplifting and max powered heavy metal hybrid of Italo disco and Eurobeat doesn’t get you electrified, then you’re just not crazy, mad and insane enough for a journey where only Beast In Black can take you. If you’re with us, you better buckle up for a manic ride on the savage Beast!” -BEAST IN BLACK-


Arrow Keys to Move

X to Jump

C to Attck

SPACE BAR to transform into a Beast, when diamond bar is full


Official link:


Game Designer and Developer - Claudio Cimini

Visual Designer - Pasquale Moretti

Directors - Florian Ummenhofer, Tiffany Cantegrel

Production: Nuclear blast

Music by:

BEAST IN BLACK – One Night in Tokyo

Members of the band:

Yannis Papadopoulos – Lead vocals

Mate Molnar – Bass

Atte Palokangas – Drums

Kasperi Heikkinen – Guitars

Anton Kabanen – Guitars, vocals, synthesizers, orchestrations

Cynthia – Synthesizers, keyboards

Development log


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wow the OST is amazing! The graphics also looks awesome! Great job! :)

Tnku I appreciate it 🙌🙏

YES YES YES just yes



thank you so much for this 

Beast in black is amazing and you made an amazing game

thank you so much ! I’m so happy for this collaboration  with Beast in Black 🙏🙌🍻

It was amazing, guys! OST is wonderful and graphics as well. We remerbered Street of Rage while were playing this game. Great job! Keep going!

Thank you so much! You remember well , there are many reference to SOR ! 🙏🙌

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figo  :D

grazie mille! 🙏🙌

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speriamo che fai altri livelli ..merita questo gioco ...amo school final fight e double dragon + street rage ...

lo spero anche io, grazie ancora!