an advergame starring the bodyguard, Simone Bonino.


This is a beat-em-up game, where you have to punch, kick or just avoid all the bad dudes and obstacles that are giving Simone an hard day of work, trying to protect and bring clients through the way top at Sentimento terrace... Just another party to watch over with professionality for Bonino, nothing more.


Use ARROW keys to move , X and Z to attack


FEATURING - Simone Bonino

GAME DEVELOPER - Claudio Cimini


CHARACTER SPRITES  - ripped by T0misaurus

ENVIROMENT - ripped by Shaybe

BETA TESTERS - Elia Capozucca, Simone Grosso, Alessandra Foresi, Andrea Sbrascini


Development log


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score : 1693, kills 72. Killed by last boss. Have to try better next time :)

Anyways, nice beat'm up using Double Dragon sprites and Mighty Morphin Power Ranger backgrounds.

That's awesome highscore!! Ye, you gotta remember that he is waiting for you there in a such a sneaky way, thank you so much for playing it!🙌🙏

I hope mine is not the least score lol

nice score actually is very high casue you saved the girls so many times...good job, thank you for gameplay, apreciate so much!

Nice game. Double Dragon feelings.

Yess you feeling right, thank you so much for gameplay!

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ahahha double dragon version weird ... siete italiani?=

esattamente 🤣🙌 sii!

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sono divertenti le vostre idee...questo nostalgico piace a me ... provate fare creepy horror stile psx ... qui va molto come feed il creepy. conosci molti dev italiani qui ce certe scena dev italiana sta crescendo

 Grazie! I apreciate your advice, i would like to try to make a creepy game one day like castelvania or something... added to list, thank you!